Euro 2016

Papua New Guinea

The last 50 games1X2
2017-06-13Papua New GuineaSolomon Islands1:2
2017-06-09Solomon IslandsPapua New Guinea3:2
2017-03-28TahitiPapua New Guinea1:2
2017-03-23Papua New GuineaTahiti1:3
2016-11-14MalaysiaPapua New Guinea2:1
2016-11-11IranPapua New Guineamore
2016-11-10IranPapua New Guinea8:1
2016-06-17Papua New GuineaMalaysia2:0
2016-06-11New ZealandPapua New Guinea0:0
2016-06-08Papua New GuineaSolomon Islands2:1
2016-06-05Papua New GuineaSamoa8:0
2016-06-01Papua New GuineaTahiti2:2
2016-05-29Papua New GuineaNew Caledonia1:1
2016-03-27Solomon IslandsPapua New Guinea1:2
2016-03-24Solomon IslandsPapua New Guinea2:0
2014-10-12PhilippinesPapua New Guinea5:0
2014-09-13SingaporePapua New Guineamore
2014-09-06SingaporePapua New Guinea2:1
2012-06-06Papua New GuineaFiji1:1
2012-06-04Papua New GuineaNew Zealand1:2
2012-06-02Solomon IslandsPapua New Guinea1:0
2011-09-05Papua New GuineaFiji0:2
2011-09-01TahitiPapua New Guinea1:1
2011-08-27Papua New GuineaCook Islands4:0
2007-07-13Solomon IslandsPapua New Guinea2:1
2004-05-19SamoaPapua New Guinea1:4
2004-05-17American SamoaPapua New Guinea0:10
2004-05-12FijiPapua New Guinea4:2
2004-05-10Papua New GuineaVanuatu1:1
2003-07-03TahitiPapua New Guinea3:0
2003-07-01Papua New GuineaTonga2:2
2003-06-14Papua New GuineaSolomon Islands3:5
2002-07-09TahitiPapua New Guinea3:1
2002-07-07New ZealandPapua New Guinea9:1
2002-07-05Papua New GuineaSolomon Islands0:0
2002-03-18Papua New GuineaAmerican Samoa7:0
2002-03-16Papua New GuineaSamoa4:1
2002-03-14TongaPapua New Guinea0:5
2000-04-15Papua New GuineaVanuatu0:5
2000-04-13Solomon IslandsPapua New Guinea4:2
2000-04-08FijiPapua New Guinea5:0
1998-09-19Solomon IslandsPapua New Guinea2:1
1998-09-10FijiPapua New Guinea2:0
1998-09-08VanuatuPapua New Guinea1:1
1998-09-05Papua New GuineaSolomon Islands1:3
1997-06-21Papua New GuineaFiji0:1
1997-06-15FijiPapua New Guinea3:1
1997-06-11New ZealandPapua New Guinea7:0
1997-05-31Papua New GuineaNew Zealand1:0
1996-09-20Papua New GuineaVanuatu2:1

last 6 matches (the last played is on the left)



F (?)
Papua New Guinea4813
(27 %)
(19 %)
(54 %)

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