Euro 2016

United Arab Emirates

The last 50 games1X2
2018-03-25United Arab EmiratesGabon0:1
2018-03-22SlovakiaUnited Arab Emirates2:1
2018-01-05OmanUnited Arab Emirates0:0
2018-01-02IraqUnited Arab Emirates0:0
2017-12-28KuwaitUnited Arab Emirates0:0
2017-12-25United Arab EmiratesSaudi Arabia0:0
2017-12-22OmanUnited Arab Emirates0:1
2017-11-14United Arab EmiratesUzbekistan1:0
2017-11-09United Arab EmiratesEgyptmore
2017-09-05IraqUnited Arab Emirates1:0
2017-08-29United Arab EmiratesSaudi Arabia2:1
2017-06-13ThailandUnited Arab Emirates1:1
2017-06-07United Arab EmiratesLebanonmore
2017-06-07United Arab EmiratesLaos4:0
2017-03-28AustraliaUnited Arab Emirates2:0
2017-03-23United Arab EmiratesJapan0:2
2017-01-04SingaporeUnited Arab Emiratesmore
2016-11-15United Arab EmiratesIraq2:0
2016-11-09United Arab EmiratesBahrain2:0
2016-11-09BahrainUnited Arab Emiratesmore
2016-10-11Saudi ArabiaUnited Arab Emirates3:0
2016-10-06United Arab EmiratesThailand3:1
2016-09-06United Arab EmiratesAustralia0:1
2016-09-01JapanUnited Arab Emirates1:2
2016-08-24Korea DPRUnited Arab Emirates2:0
2016-08-24China PRUnited Arab Emiratesmore
2016-06-05United Arab EmiratesSyria0:1
2016-06-03United Arab EmiratesJordan1:3
2016-03-29United Arab EmiratesSaudi Arabia1:1
2016-03-24United Arab EmiratesPalestine2:0
2016-03-18United Arab EmiratesBangladesh6:1
2016-01-16United Arab EmiratesIceland2:1
2015-11-17MalaysiaUnited Arab Emirates1:2
2015-11-12United Arab EmiratesTimor-Leste8:0
2015-11-05United Arab EmiratesTurkmenistan5:1
2015-10-08Saudi ArabiaUnited Arab Emirates2:1
2015-09-08PalestineUnited Arab Emirates0:0
2015-09-03United Arab EmiratesMalaysia10:0
2015-06-16Timor-LesteUnited Arab Emirates0:1
2015-06-11Korea RepublicUnited Arab Emirates3:0
2015-01-30IraqUnited Arab Emirates2:3
2015-01-27AustraliaUnited Arab Emirates2:0
2015-01-23JapanUnited Arab Emirates1:1
2015-01-19IranUnited Arab Emirates1:0
2015-01-15BahrainUnited Arab Emirates1:2
2015-01-11United Arab EmiratesQatar4:1
2015-01-03KuwaitUnited Arab Emiratesmore
2014-12-31United Arab EmiratesJordanmore
2014-12-30United Arab EmiratesJordan1:0
2014-11-25OmanUnited Arab Emirates0:1

last 6 matches (the last played is on the left)



F (?)
United Arab Emirates4321
(49 %)
(19 %)
(33 %)

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